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  • Senate Republicans Secure Historic Tax Cuts for Working Families
  • Bringing State Government to You!
  • Senate Acts to Bolster Telemedicine in PA
  • Scholarship Bill Wins Bipartisan Support
  • Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Local Students Recognized for STEM Achievements

Senate Republicans Secure Historic Tax Cuts for Working Families

Working families, job creators and energy consumers in Pennsylvania would see their taxes reduced by approximately $3 billion a year under a bill approved by the Senate this week. It would represent the largest tax cut for working families in Pennsylvania history, saving taxpayers more than $13 billion over the next five years.

Senate Bill 269, which can now be considered by the House of Representatives, would reduce the personal income tax (PIT) rate from 3.07% to 2.8%, putting more money in the wallets of every Pennsylvanian who earns a paycheck. The bill would also eliminate the gross receipts tax on energy, effective Jan. 1, 2025, providing critical relief from high energy costs.

History has proven when tax rates are cut, the economy grows, wages go up and revenues climb. Lower tax rates are good for everyone. To learn more and to watch my comments on the Senate floor, click here.

Bringing State Government to You!

I am hosting two events this weekend to bring state government directly to you.

Identity Theft Prevention Event (FREE Shredding!)*

Take steps to protect your identity by safely shredding old documents containing sensitive information.

Saturday, May 11
9 a.m. to Noon
Kohl’s Parking Lot, 6444 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg

*Together with Rep. Sheryl Delozier, Rep. Thomas Kutz, Hampden Township and Silver Spring Township

FREE License Plate Replacement Event

Pennsylvania license plates that have lost reflectivity, are peeling or blistering, are discolored, and/or are unreadable from 50 feet away are eligible for replacement at no cost.

Saturday, May 11
1 – 3 p.m.
Silver Spring District Office, 4 Flowers Drive, Mechanicsburg

Senate Acts to Bolster Telemedicine in PA

The Senate approved legislation aimed at expanding the use of telemedicine in Pennsylvania.

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of health care services and medical information using telecommunications technology. It allows medical services to be provided to some of the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians who otherwise would not be able to receive them due to location or other circumstances. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it saw rapid growth in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bill 739 requires insurance providers or managed care organizations to reimburse health care providers for services provided to a patient through telemedicine. Services provided through telemedicine must meet the same standard of care as health care services provided in person.

Scholarship Bill Wins Bipartisan Support

The Senate Education Committee advanced bipartisan legislation to provide more educational options to children in low-performing public schools through scholarships to attend the school of their choice.

Senate Bill 795 would establish the Pennsylvania Award for Student Success (PASS) Program. During Gov. Josh Shapiro’s budget address earlier this year, he referenced his continued support for “scholarships that let poor families in struggling school districts put their kids in the best position for them to succeed – whether that’s paying for extra tutoring, books and computers, or yes, going to another school.”

The bill, which now heads to the full Senate for consideration, is part of a larger Senate Republican initiative to preserve the role parents have in their children’s lives.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the women who are irreplaceable in the lives of their children! Whether your children are young or grown, know that your dedication and love is making a difference.

Mothers, we salute you for your selfless giving, hard work, and loving perseverance! Thank you for all that you do.

Local Students Recognized for STEM Achievements

The “Javengers” are a First Tech Challenge robotics team from Mechanicsburg that designs, builds, programs, and continually improves a robot each year to perform complex tasks in competition.  They won the 2024 Pennsylvania State Championship and recently placed 11th in their division at the World Championships in Houston, Texas. I was honored to formally recognize their achievements–as well as their efforts to promote STEM education–before the Senate this week.


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